Stop waiting


There is always going to be something you think you need to make whatever it is you are working on just right. Waiting for that thing puts you in stall mode, or in a space of dissatisfaction.

Perhaps my subconscious is working overtime. I wrote this message knowing this is something I do, but the funny thing is that this is exactly where I was today without even seeing it.

I am embarking upon this huge project to update my apartment. I had an idea of how the plan one was going to go, but got stuck when a piece of the puzzle did not fall into place. Me and my stubborn – OK, strong willed self, was determined to have it go my way. In doing so, I wasted a day in the process. My ultimate resolve was a literal ‘work-around’, and so far, so good.

I had to decide that it was OK to change my mind and get to my goal in another way which wound up being just as effective.

Hopefully I am learning how to be more flexible, faster.

Here is today’s “Kinyofu’s Thought of The Day“:

You can now stop waiting and move forward as if you had everything you needed. Chances are you are only thing you are waiting for.

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