Dwelling on the past


It’s been a cold couple of days and I miss my favorite gloves that I got from my favorite store. You see, they kept my hands especially warm, and now they are gone.

One day last week, I had a non-conscious-not-present moment and dropped them. I did not realize this until I needed them.

In the meantime, while I am using my second best gloves, I am lamenting on what I am missing and wish that I could turn the clock back and avoid my great loss.

Reality pushes me to release those thoughts, shake the victim image and enjoy the gloves I do have. After all – I do have gloves, and a hat, and a scarf, and a coat, and warm clothes and a warm home to return to.

All is really good in my world.

Here is today’s “Kinyofu’s Thought of The Day“:

You can’t turn back time. You can, however choose to be at peace with now because dwelling on the past is not going to bring it back.

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