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It seems we human beings beg for attention. Either it is attention for a job well done, or attention for a job not well done. On one hand, we get praise; on the other, we get sympathy. Both cases fulfill a deep subconscious need. Which category do you fall into?

Have you ever (I’m sure you have) seen a small child fall? The first thing they do is to look up to see who is looking at them. The second thing they do is wait for that person’s reaction. The child will then proceed to act based on the reaction of those around him/her.

The adults in child #1′s life do not flinch or shout or cry out. They encourage the child to get up and carry on. The child does. The adults in child #2′s life jumps up excitedly as if the child broke a body part. The child then decides to cry … and cry … and cry.

Now tell me, don’t you know some adults like this? They seem to crave sympathy, and no matter how much you console and uplift and come to their rescue, they continue in their same patterns.

Could that adult be you? At least at times? Hmmmmmmm.

I support positive praise. It is a good thing. Each one of us should get that every day. In fact, we should even give it to our selves. The ability to give and receive positive praise from ourselves makes us stronger from the inside out.

Watch your average 3 year old. They want so much for you to notice them do something. When you do, you can see them glow with joy and pride. Now replace 3 year old with any age you choose. The same thing stands.

Keep in mind all of us thrive on attention – literally. The ill person will do much better when someone consistently gives them positive attention, than the person who is left alone.

Dependence on positive praise, however, is not healthy. If you need someone to praise you before you do a thing, that thing might not get done if that someone is not praising you. Praise yourself. Be confident. Know that you are doing what you choose to do because it makes you feel fulfilled and happy.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What kind of attention do I crave?
  • What will I do to get it?

Bottom line – accept praise. But first, know your self, praise your self and value your self.

Here is today’s “Kinyofu’s Thought of The Day“:

Motivation that is determined by who is or is not watching you is a huge stop in your life. If your ideal scenario is not present, you will fail to act. No one should have that much power over you.

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