Reliving experiences


Each experience in our lives has a feeling attached to it. Sometimes those feelings are so strong that we carry them with us like baggage. The downside is when we subconsciously attach an old feeling to a new experience – that means we are not living in the present.

Because our feelings are triggers to our past experiences, we can focus on a feeling long enough to experience the changes in our bodies and allow our minds to be transported to a past event. This is actually a great exercise to do to help you remember something. If you go deep enough you may even be able to heal a past hurt.

From this moment forward, be conscious of your current feelings and strive to feel good. If you find yourself not feeling good, know that you have the power to change that immediately. The reality is your feelings will subside eventually – why not make it happen sooner than later. Holding on to heavy feelings only makes a more lasting impression. The negative feelings wind up becoming something to be counseled on later. Let it go now and be free from excess baggage.

On the other hand, good feelings can lead to good memories. That’s what daydreams are made of.

Here is today’s “Kinyofu’s Thought of The Day“:

You can relive an experience simply by recalling a feeling. Be sure to create many good feelings.

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